I also do commissioned work! For companies I make web video‘s, commercials and corporate productions.

Here you can find some of that work. Of course I am always open to new opportunities! Please email me. (see: Contact)

‘Holland Evenementen Groep’
A commercial for an event center for corporate outings and bachelor parties, shown on local TV.

Essence Testimonials’
A short impression from 4 former essence graduates. Essence is a personal development training institute.

MLA 80 Jaar’
A celebration video for the Amsterdam Montessori high school, having its 80th birthday. (This was also my high school!)

‘Financiële Fabriek’
Michiel Vos is a financial adviser. He decided to go with the new ways of the web, and wanted to introduce himself in a video. This way people know who he is, what he does and why. It’s a more transparent way of business.

On my You Tube channel you can find much much more.


Thanks! <(^_^<)

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