2016 You can WATCH NACHTVLINDER here.

2015 ‘Moth’/’Nachtvlinder’, Tess’ latest film is finished! The pre-premiere was very successful with raving reviews and a producer/distributor expressed his interest for a feature version of it.

2015 Interest has been expressed in producing ‘SUPER… the Series’, and exclusive rights have been given to the producer. So it is in financing stages, the producer is very positive.

Nov 2014 Don’t Kill the Messenger has had amazing responses and screenings! Tess has also been asked to direct another feature film, which is now in it’s financing stages. ‘A Lost Love Letter’ (Working title) has found a French co-producer!

May 2014 Tess and her film are doing well in Cannes! The newspapers are writing about them, as you can see here in the Volkskrant, for instance. She is also working on her first feature film, ‘A Lost Love Letter’, together with First Feature Productions. There are already a few co-producers interested and financing is being arranged!

April 2014 ‘Don’t Kill the Messenger’ has been selected to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, Tess will be attending once again! Also, Tess graduated with honors from the Made for Web Academy, along with her group. The pilot is currently being used to find funds to make the series.

Mar. 2014 the title of ‘Magazijn’ has been changed to ‘Don’t Kill the Messenger’ and the film is finished! Email Tess to receive a secret link to watch it. The film has been sent to several film festivals, like Cannes, so it won’t be publicly online soon.

Feb. 2013 Within the Made For Web Academy Tess has been working on a pilot for an

The title image for the web series. Stills to come! It's a live action series ;)

The title image for the web series. Stills to come!
It’s a live action series 😉

interactive web series called SUPER…the Series. It’s going to be an amazing project. Writer, producer and actress Carolien van Wijngaarden asked Tess to join the project. Together they’ve been working on it for a year. Stephan Nemchik is the producer. Their final exam will be on the 15th of March, where the pilot will premiere!

Jan. 2014 Happy New Year! The shoot of Nachtvlinder has been finalized and Tess is in the editing room! There are 8 more films she is working on. Let’s hope they all get made.

Nov. 2013 Tess is in post production with two short films. ‘Nachtvlinder’ with production company IFAN. And Magazijn, with production company Hynde & Van Verre. Nachtvlinder (Moth), is in the editing phase. Magazijn’s first edit has been screened as it was made in a 48 hour film project. It won ‘Best Scenario’ and was nominated for ‘Best Actress’ and two more prizes.

The weekend of 12 – 14 April, 2013, Tess joined IFAN in a 48 Hour Film Project team, as Cupcakes! Posterthe director of an all female team. This means a cast & crew of 22 people in total, made a 7 minute short film, from scratch to finish, in 48 hours!
The film, ‘Cupcakes!’, won the ‘Audience Award’ and the award for ‘Best Actress’ for Chava voor in ‘t Holt.

May 2012 Tess will be attending Cannes Short Film Corner for the 3rd time. This year with her latest film ‘Thuiskomen’.

On the 27th of Januari 2012 Tess’ latest film, ‘Thuiskomen’ (Coming Home) has had its premiere. It will be screened on Dutch TV on the 23rd of Sept. 2012 in the ‘Week of Loneliness’ on Ned. 2 and had over 400.000 views, which is a biggy in The Netherlands!

‘De Grote Gemene Deler’ has been selected for this years ‘Interfilm – Berlin International Short Film Festival’ this November! Out of no less than 5000 films. Tess has been invited to attend the festival and has done so.

Tess was voted one of the 400 ‘Successful women’ in the Netherlands, by VIVA!

Tess has been spotted as ‘Upcoming Talent’ in the VIVA, one of Hollands most popular magazines. She has a fashion photo and interview in VIVA 42.

The shoot for ‘Thuiskomen’ was very successful! The cast was amazing and the crew enthusiastic and ambitious, just as she likes it! There was a newspaper article about the shoot.

September 2011, Tess will be filming her next film, ‘Thuiskomen’ (Coming Home), in two weeks. A 25 min. short, written by Bernard Bussemaker and produced by Nachtzon Media. Well known Dutch actor ‘Eric van der Donk’ will be starring in the lead role.

‘The Big Common Denominator’ / ‘De Grote Gemene Deler’ has been selected for the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival! It’s such a great honor to be able to return to a festival and have them follow your work. Due to a very nice job, shooting travel documentaries in France, Tess unfortunately won’t be able to attend the festival however. A representative will be present.

May 2011, Tess will be attending the Cannes Film Festival with her latest film:’The Big Common Denominator’ / ‘De Grote Gemene Deler’. It has been selected for the Short Film Corner.

Also, she will be shooting a new film this year (2011): ‘Coming Home’ / ‘Thuis Komen’. Production: Nachtzon Media. Co-Director: Bernard Bussemaker. A short film about an old man who has to live in a retirement home and has a hard time accepting this fact. He can’t enjoy life anymore and has to face his own prejudices.


Thanks! <(^_^<)

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