‘Nachtvlinder’ (Moth, 16′, 2014)
We’re in the post-production stage with this wonderful short film! The short dark comedy tells the tale of Edgar, a young man who doesn’t like people. He lives in an empty house, together with his girlfriend, who is a real doll. (Silicon life-like doll.) One day, he falls in love with a once beautiful drug addict, who is a patient in the hospital where Edgar cleans at night. If only he could be with her…
Here you can watch the teaser we use for finding funds for the film.
It was written by Frederik Nelck, and edited by Nynke de Jong and Tess Löwenhardt.
Production company: IFAN.

Don’t Kill the Messenger’ (12′, March 2014, f.k.a. ‘Magazijn’)
Gangster comedy. When delivering a package to a prop company, an unsuspecting postman becomes embroiled in a game with life and death stakes. A first edit won Best Screenplay at the 48 Hour Film Project NFF Utrecht 2013 and had 4 other nominations.
Story: Tess Löwenhardt and Martijn Daamen
Screenplay: Martijn Daamen
Directing: Tess Löwenhardt
Production: Hynde & Van Verre

‘Cupcakes!’ (7′, 2013)
A dark comedy, about the coke-addict Chantal, who is being blackmailed. When she gets mistaken as a personal chef, by a rich lady, Chantal thinks she has a solution to her problems. But she didn’t expect there to be children…
Story: Karin Koetsveld, Tess Löwenhardt and Müriel Horst. Written by: Karin Koetsveld Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt.
Production company: IFAN.

Thuiskomen(Coming Home, 25′, 2012)
Drama film about Tom Hertog (85) who has no choice but to move into a nursing home. He is highly skeptical of his new bingo-playing, flower-arranging, communal-dining world. All he wants is to be left alone in his room with his music, books and computer. He rejects every friendly overture from people in the home. Until one day, when there is no way around it. He has to let this world in, into his room…and into his life.
Watch the film here!
A Nachtzon Media Production. Written by: Bernard Bussemaker. Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt. Trailer below here:

De Grote Gemene Deler (The Big Common Denominator, 5′, 2011)
A tragic-comedy. It tells the tale of ‘Mientje’ (82), who doesn’t feel like celebrating her birthday with her family. Clearly she and her daughter have a conflict that has gone on for years. Will all be well on this special day?
Written and Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt
Production company: Fish Films
Watch the film here:

Bloesem (‘Blossom’, 25′, 2008)
Unable to speak with others, Afanai (22) makes her living crafting jewelry she sells on the internet, relying on her friendly mailman to take her post each day. When he becomes ill, Afanai’s life grinds to a frightening stop as she desperately tries to face the world outside. Or order dvd from ECI or
Written and Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt
Production company: HKU and Tess Löwenhardt

Water (1′, 2009)
A woman sits at a swimmingpool. She seems to want to go swimming but something is stopping her. What is it? And will she end up in the luscious water?
A one minute film that makes your brain work.
The actress is Lilli Birdsell, known from Cold Case and NCIS. Tess also shot this on 16mm film, edited and did the sound design herself.
Written, Directed and Produced by: Tess Löwenhardt

Flikker Op! (Fag off!, 24′, 2008)
A short interactive fiction film to inspire VMBO students to discuss the subject of homosexuality. The story is about two best friends within a group of friends, one a homophobic, one turns out to be gay…
Still used in schools, and therefor not online. Produced in commission by the HKU.
Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt and Ymke Kleijn.

Jij Bent Vrij! (You are Free, 1′:28″, 2007)
‘You Are Free!’ Short ‘video clip’ commissioned by the National Commité of the 4th and 5th of may. (remembering WOII and celebrating our freedom.) Shown several times on the liberty festivals in 2007 in the 13 biggest city’s of the Netherlands.
First you see the girl, who is thinking about her freedom, biking past hitchhikers. Then she passes a group of friends discussing something. They all have different lifestyles (Gothic, Hip-Hop, Rave, Grunge), then she sees two gay guys kissing on a bench. A boy running to his family of different ethnic backgrounds. Finally, when she dances on the grass, she passes a girl with a kite in the shape of a bird, and she reminds us that we are free and that we should remember and enjoy that fact!
Written and Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt
Production company: HKU

Tosja (14′, 2005)

Two best friends from high school are growing apart. One of them already starts college, the other still has one year of high school to go. They want to keep their friendship alive, but this proves harder than it seems. A story most of us recognize, unfortunately.
Written and Directed by: Tess Löwenhardt
Production company: HKU and Tess Löwenhardt


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