Photo for the popular women's magazine VIVA to accompany the article on 4 young dutch directors, including Tess.by: Sjoerd Geuke

Photo for the popular women’s magazine VIVA to go with the article on 4 young dutch directors, including Tess.
by: Sjoerd Geuke

Tess Löwenhardt (1983) is an ambitious, enthusiastic and creative filmmaker. She has already made several original films with multiple story layers. She lets the production design and cinematography breathe, for they have a story to share.

Her films are usually character driven. They encourage the audience to think both during and after the performance. They are designed to immerse the audience and be a catalyst for conversation.

Tess writes stories that have an international relevance, told through an engaging central character. The detail is important  and draws the audience in to enter the world of the main character.

Currently, Tess is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, though she regularly travels the world. She’s a self-starter – busy with films, commercials and corporate presentations as well as experimental cross/trans-media storytelling.

Her ambition is to improve her work as a film director & screenplay writer. Addicted to travel, she enjoys meeting with film-makers at any opportunity.


Tess Löwenhardt (1983) was born in Amsterdam. She has traveled the world since she was young which enriched her and stimulated her creativity. In those days she created her own reality and she played various characters in her own plays. With her performance she enchanted and amazed people with her fantasy and her play. In a natural way she managed to lead and guide her audience through her stories.

Soon, at the age of 7, she had reached her first achievement in the film industry. She was chosen to play a lead role in a short promotion film for HD TV called ‘Tess in Wonderland’.

This led to the leading role she had when she was 11 in her first short cinema film ‘Darkling’ of Pieter Kuijpers (Van God Los, Off Screen, TBS). In working on the set and with Pieter, she discovered she felt more at home on the set than anywhere else.

With her early acting experience and her awareness that film is the medium to tell stories,
no one was surprised when she proclaimed she wanted to be a film director at age 11.

In 2004 she enrolled into the HKU (School of the Arts) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The second largest film academy of the On the lookoutNetherlands. She was admitted immediately. In her second year she made the film ‘Tosja’ about two teenage girlfriends who were growing apart. This short film awed professionals with it’s beautiful close up filming,
story and original subject.

She graduated with honors in 2008 as a European Media Master of Arts. With her graduation filmBloesem’ (Blossom) about a young girl who is unable to speak, Tess shows she is able to create touching, original and multi-layered films about young women growing up. She clearly has something to tell and has created her own interesting way to do this.

Bloesem posterThis has also drawn the attention of international film festivals who have shown ‘Bloesem’. The film has already won a ‘Best Film’, ‘Audience Award’ at the RVO Film Festival, The Audience Award at Red Rock (USA), a Bronze Egg (Third Place) at Film Front, fourth place at the Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival and a special jury prize: Outstanding Film at the Winton Train Contest! In total the film has won 8 prizes worldwide and is distributed on official DVD in the BeNeLux.
(Together with 3 other films by Tess)

(You can buy the dvd here! )

Bloesem was also officially selected for the Palm Springs Film Festival and shown at the Cannes Short Film Corner.

Since her graduation she has made thee more short films. ‘Water’ (1 min., 2009), she made the film completely on her own, shooting with a 16mm camera. It has gone on to several 1 minute film festivals and received good responses. (Watch it on the film page!)
‘The Big Common Denominator’ (5 min.,

The Big Common Denominator

A short film by Tess Löwenhardt

2010) Tess wrote the script and directed the film, shot on 35mm by Remko Schnorr. It was also selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner, and a few other festivals like Palm Springs and Berlin Interfilm Festival. After this, ‘Thuiskomen’ (Coming Home, 25 min., 2012) was produced by Nachtzonmedia. Tess directed the film which was aired on TV and had more than 400.000 viewers. It is being sold to retirement homes and schools together with a manual on how to discuss the subject. The sales are going very well
and it’s being used and discussed a lot.

Currently she is working on several projects. Nachtvlinder (Moth) is a new short film, in post production. Tess co wrote it with Frederik Nelck and Nynke de Jong and will be directing the film. It is in production at IFAN (International Film Artists Network). You can watch the trailer they shot on the ‘Film’ page. Also, there is a web series, SUPER…the Series, of which the pilot will be online soon!

Tess has just finished some new films: ‘Cupcakes!’ and ‘Don’t Kill the Messenger’. They were made in the 48 hour film project in Amsterdam and Utrecht. They’ve both been sent to Cannes and we will see if one of them get’s selected!


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